Monday, 16 December 2013

Delia's Happy Christmas by Delia Smith

‘Tis the season to be jolly…………..  In other words the festivities are almost upon us again and our thoughts are turning to the gathering of friends and family and, of course, food.  Certainly, in our home, the Christmas cooking transforms my kitchen from the calm and comforting place it usually is to something resembling a military headquarters.  I have lists upon lists of ingredients, recipes, vegetarian options…  goes on and on.

What would I do without Delia Smith, I ask myself?  I have several recipe books by Delia adorning my cookery book shelf but at this time of year I love to turn to Delia’s Happy Christmas.  I have had this book for about four years now so have had the opportunity to try out a good few of the recipes.

The book is beautiful to look at with 150 appetizingly photographed illustrations of each of the recipes, although I must confess that my efforts do not always resemble Delia’s delightful concoctions.  However, the photographs do at least help me to know what it was supposed to look like!

Some of these recipes have become real favourites in our home and I highly recommend the recipes for:

*  Cheddar, sage and onion sausage rolls (I actually make these any time I do a buffet style meal)
*  Traditional Christmas pudding
*  Stilton and Lancashire cheese terrine with spiced pear confit (this is absolutely delicious)
*  Champagne jellies with syllabub and frosted grapes (I made these for my son’s 21st birthday)

I could go on as this book contains some amazingly mouth watering recipes.  Many of the recipes include meat but there are a good number of recipes for vegetarians too.  It is a guide to a stress free Christmas and one that I would not want to be without.  It retails on for a mere £4.00.  Unbelievably good value for such a good recipe book.

ISBN:  9780091933067

Publisher:  Ebury Press

Price (based on today’s price at  £4.00

Total savings to date:    £94.71

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