Thursday, 12 December 2013

Rabbit Hole by Garrett Smith

Set in 2025 Rabbit Hole is the first in the Paradox series.

Rabbit Hole Time Travel is the first commercial Time Travel company and the book opens with a trip to the Hindenberg disaster in 1937.  Brilliant scientist, Dr Nora Hamilton, is the guide on this trip and whilst there makes a discovery which ultimately will lead her to a partnership with Special Forces Operative Nick Canton.

Nora’s business partner and mentor, Dr. Marcus Locke, has been kidnapped by The Rippers; an organisation designed to use time travel technology to alter the past in order to gain wealth and power.  As Nora and Nick work closely together to rescue Marcus and defeat the Rippers, correcting altered history along the way, they grow close in a way that neither of them expected.

Recruiting a close knit team to work with them, neither Nora or Nick know who they can trust; and can they really trust one another?

I loved the premise of this book; that one could buy a commercial flight to any time and place.  It was great fun accompanying Rabbit Hole around the centuries.

I have been a fan of the time travel genre ever since I got hooked on the Back to the Future films decades ago.  However, I confess that I often get confused by the whole time travel paradox.  Frequently, time travel books go into a lot of complicated details and generally lose me somewhere along the way.

However, that was not the case with this novel.  At no point did it get overly convoluted.  It was simply a good story - adventure and romance, with time travel at it’s core which I think worked very well.  The story was engaging and the characters likeable and interesting.  I would have liked to see the main characters develop a little more but I guess I shall have to wait until the next book for that.

It had enough twists and turns in the story to keep it moving along.  The chapters are short, pithy and the book is fast paced and action packed.

Overall, this was a good fun read.  It reads like Wilbur Smith meets Dan Brown, adventurous in nature, short and snappy with time travel as it’s central theme which gives it that extra element.  This will appeal to fans of adventure, mystery and science fiction.

If you could go anywhere in time, would you visit the past or future?  I know what I would do!  How about you?

ISBN:  9780989662208

Publisher:  Garrett Smith Books

Price (based on today’s price at  £9.26
This was gifted to me by the authors

Total saving so far:  £90.71

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