Monday, 27 January 2014

Season of the Witch by Natasha Mostert

Gabriel Blackstone lives in London and works as a professional computer hacker stealing information from big companies and selling on.  He also has a rare talent; Gabriel is a remote viewer which means he can hijack a persons mind in order to extract information.

However, he rarely uses this ability but when his ex-lover, Frankie, asks for his help to find her missing stepson, Gabriel is called upon to use his remote viewing skills to help her.  His search leads him to Monk House, the home of the beautiful and seductive sisters, Minnalouche and Morrighan Monk, whom the missing young man had recently spent a lot of time with and who Frankie suspects are involved in his disappearance.

Gabriel becomes increasingly attracted to the sisters and their home but as he grows closer to them he begins to suspect one of them is a murderer.

This is a very exciting read and kept me turning the pages.  It is full of the twists and turns of a psychological thriller whilst also being a paranormal story of magic and the occult.  I loved the way science meets mysticism in this book.  The author presents us with the associated technological information concerning Gabriel’s job whilst at the same time weaving a story of magic and sensuality which I felt was a very clever writing combination and no easy task as a writer.  A novel based around computer technology alone would probably has lost me a couple of pages in but the way Ms. Mostert weaves her own brand of magic into this book demonstrates her skill as a story teller.

The characters were very interesting.  Minnalouche and Morrighan are as bewitching to the reader as they are to the other characters in the book.  However, what I particularly enjoyed was the way the author portrays the sense of character about Monk House.  I was as interested in aspects of the house as I was in the development of the characters and which affords the book shades of the gothic.

This book will appeal to a wide audience as it refuses to be confined by any particular genre.  Part psychological thriller, part romance, part paranormal, part technological, I really could not say to which genre this book belongs.

What I can say is that it is an exciting, well paced read and is unlike anything I have read before.  This would be a great read for anyone who enjoys any of the above genres but if you fancy something that might take you out of your reading comfort zone then I would recommend this.  It is a multi faceted story and is that little bit different from the run of the mill novel.  I enjoyed it very much and I hope that you will too.

ISBN:  978 1909965096

Publisher:  Portable Magic Ltd.

Price: (Today at Amazon for Kindle version):  1.26
I was given a kindle version by the publisher

Total saving so far:  £146.07

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