Wednesday, 2 April 2014

City of the Sun by Juliana Maio

As the Second World War rages across Europe, journalist, Mickey Connolly, is in Cairo in search of a story. Whilst there, Mickey is recruited by the American Embassy and so begins his adventure as an undercover agent, tasked with infiltrating Cairo’s Jewish community in order to find a refugee scientist who may have discovered a way to increase America’s weapons power. However, unknown to the Americans, the Nazi’s are also seeking this same scientist.

Then amidst this tale of espionage there is Maya, a young and beautiful refugee who has secrets of her own. Mickey has no way of knowing how closely their stories will become entwined or whether he will ever really get to know this mysterious woman.

The scene of Cairo in 1941 was atmospheric and well presented in this book and it’s exoticism was well portrayed. It was obvious that the author has spent time there as her descriptions appeared accurate. I do not know a lot about the situation in Egypt during the war and I enjoyed learning more about this in this easy to read novel.

The main characters developed nicely and were both likeable and believable. The author cleverly directed our sympathies to the correct characteristics of the main players and she did it well.

The plot is well paced and contains all the exciting elements that I would have expected in a novel of murder, spying and espionage. Each chapter left me wanting to know more and keen to move on to the next chapter.

Overall, I enjoyed this book but it was spoilt for me by an unnecessary sex scene which really did not need to be there and was completely surplus to the plot. Having got to know the characters fairly well by this point it seemed very out of character for one of them and I think this did nothing to add credence to what was otherwise an entertaining spy thriller with a bit of romance thrown in.  It is worth a read but certainly is not going to make it onto my best books list.

ISBN:  978 1626340510

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

Price (based on today’s Kindle price on  £4.92

Total saving so far:  £229.53

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