Friday, 1 November 2013

For the Sake of Elena by Elizabeth George

Elena Weaver, a student at St Stephen’s College, Cambridge was beautiful, vivacious and accomplished.  That is until she was bludgeoned to death whilst out jogging one foggy morning along the banks of the River Cam.

Called to Cambridge from Scotland Yard, Inspector Thomas Lynley and Sergeant Barbara Havers are called in to investigate.

I read the first of the Inspector Lynley books, A Great Deliverance, about three years ago and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it.  Consequently, I have accumulated a few others since then that have been gathering dust on my shelf , including this one, just waiting for me to turn my attention to them.
I’d forgotten just how good the characters are.  In fact it is Elizabeth George’s characterization skills which make her books so compelling.  I found myself flitting between liking and loathing some of the characters involved in the investigation.  It takes great skill as a writer to make characters as thought provoking as this. I've read many novels of this genre over the years and so many contain characters that fall into the good guy/bad guy method of characterisation.

Here, Elizabeth George gives us something far deeper in terms of both plot and character.  Her writing is intelligent and her plots are intricate. The partnership between the suave, public school educated, Inspector Lynley and his down to earth, Sergeant Havers is just wonderful.  The glimpses into their private lives, alongside the investigation makes them very real characters and my heart ached for the situation that Barbara Havers found herself in with her mother.

This is more than a simple whodunnit.  It deals with themes of love and loss and the living up to the expectations of others.  An excellent read and one that I would highly recommend.

ISBN:  978-1444738308

Published by:  Hodder Paperbacks

Price:  £5.75
This book was one that I previously owned.

Total saving so far:  £32.72

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